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Panoramic Flowers

The Carlsbad "Art Splash" is coming up Sept 27-28 and you don't want to miss it!  Well, that may be a tad presumptuous on my part, but I think you'll have fun if you stop by.  I'll have some new pieces to show, plus there will be a whole street of chalk art, (artists laboring on their hands and knees, blistered from the sizzling asphalt, truly an awesome sight) plus Saturday is the Taste of Carlsbad, which is always done in good taste.

The Cartoon archive is located in the painting folder.  They date from the early 60's up to the present.  Many were sold but I lost the records of which magazines carried them.  I'll update these as the muse strikes me, and sometimes beats me unrelentingly about the head and shoulders. 

Limited Editions.  The limited editions are signed and numbered, and can be purchased in various sizes on paper or stretched canvas.  Let me know what you want and I'll quote you a price.  For example, size 11 x 14 on archival paper is $70.